Little Dragon

Drink from the lake little dragon, with your stooped back

jagged and gawky like your brother’s,

your muscles disrupt the scales in your rushed teenage movements

I watch as they flex from each bottomless yawn

or from those large mouthfuls of salty lake water which

sprays itself coolingly across your face.

You lay writhing on the grass

in the broken sunlight-

through the broken trees                                         (which you single handed-ly brought down).

With scattered leaves and shredded oak

the age old giant tore like newspaper

falling violently where no tape can fix its wounds.

Ripped down its ancient trunk

grains of life splinter into splinters

its tired arms collapsing exhausted next to the creature below

thudding and rippling the water

flailing into the shallow pool.

The forest is left throbbing -its ancestry in tatters.

No more stories to be passed down

or whispered through the talk of the trees

on the dancing breeze- a melancholic song

our kamacosy dragon brought it to its knees

and lays upon its wreckage mischievously-

lazy little dragon

lapping at the water-

let it wash away your strep throat

let it cool the fire burning within your youthful limbs.

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