Extraordinary Little Cough

I finally re-joined the group after what could only be described as the most awkward walk ever, I settled myself next to Peggy who right now couldn’t keep her eyes of Sidney. She had gone all eyelash-fluttering and appeared to be finding everything Sidney had to say extremely hilarious. Laughter is a must to show a guy you’re into them. Just then Brazell had got up from where he was sitting and came and sat down on my left.

“What about a bit of fire?” Brazell said in his deep husky voice. Swoon.

Who’s going to make it?” I asked because I sure wasn’t, not unless they wanted to be here all night. Fire was a man’s element. I continued. “He’s the best, I’m sure.” I said pointing at Dylan and applying the most flattering tone I could muster. I had to get rid of him somehow; he was standing around me like a small insect. I was clearly into Brazell who at this moment rummaged in his short pockets and pulled out a lighter chucking it in Dylan’s direction. I love a guy that smokes. When he gets his lighter back I’d ask him for a cigarette. It took Dylan the best part of half an hour to get the thing started even with the help of Dan, yet now an hour later we sat by the brilliant flames of the camp fire toasting marshmallows over the orange embers. Brazell hadn’t left my side once.

I gently brushed his hand. This is how these things are done, subtly. I had my eyes set on this boy all along when Gwyneth first suggested we take a walk along the beach front. Everyone else had paired off now, Peggy was sitting holding hands with Sidney, Dan and Dylan were over by their tents chatting about one thing or another and their friend George was it, well he had disappeared for about an hour now but no-one really appeared that worried. Then there was Gwyneth, she was practically sitting on Skully’s lap. I felt a little nervous at all this pressure. I was sitting with Brazell who although wasn’t talking very much, I could tell he really liked me it was in what he didn’t say. My sister’s friend Loraine had told me this before; it had been how she had won her Dave. Look out for the signs; I could just tell this was going to be a magical evening. The fire was burning fiercely and the stars were coming out already.

I looked around and accidently caught Dylan’s eye again. Dylan is nice I suppose, adequate but too young for me and way too attentive. I prefer my men mysterious, aloof and just that; men. Right now I could feel him looking over at me; he’d been watching me for the past fifteen minutes now and didn’t seem to be getting the hint. I moved myself closer to Brazell and pulled my angora cardigan tighter around me.

“It’s getting a bit cold, even with this fire isn’t it?” I tried my most blatant move and Brazell fell for it right away. He reached around my waist and pulled me snuggly under his wing, rubbing my arm to keep me warm. I’m sure I blushed a little.

“You can have my jacket if you would like.” I looked up to see Dylan waving his dirty beige coat in front of me. That is not what I meant at all.

“Oh, I’m okay now but thanks.” I turned away to face Brazell again, possibly a little too abrupt. I sat staring at his mischievous smile, he had such cryptic dark eyes; he was so dreamy.


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